3 natural ways to unclog bathroom drains


A clogged sink or bathtub needs your attention immediately and Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου are experienced at dealing with clogged pipes. We all know the chaos and inconvenience that such a plumbing problem can cause. However, many do not give the necessary importance, until the sewer is completely clogged. And then the issue has progressed too much and the call to the plumber will become necessary.

And yet, if you deal with it as soon as possible, the drain can be unclogged with a simple homemade recipe. So do not ignore the warning signs, such as blockage and unpleasant odor and we suggest you to take action in three natural ways.

1. With baking soda and vinegar

You put half a cup of baking soda in the hole of the drain, both in the sinks and in the bathtub. Heat in the microwave from a cup of vinegar for each drain. Gradually pour the hot vinegar over the soda carefully enough, because the combination of the two ingredients will cause foaming and fumes. You leave for half an hour and immediately after you open the tap to run plenty of water. Especially for the bathtub, it will be better after you put the vinegar to close the exit with the cap and after half an hour to fill the bathtub with water. Then pull the plug and all the water pressure will work obstructively.

2. With boiling water

Fill the kettle with water and wait for it to reach the boiling point. Gradually empty the hot water into the pipes. You leave the water to act for a few seconds until the next emptying. This is the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to disassemble sinks and bathtubs. It works perfectly in less clogged drains and you can apply it every now and then even precautionary.

3. With salt and baking soda

If you know that the problem in the sinks is due to grease, follow this method. Make a mixture with half a cup of table salt and half a cup of baking soda. Distribute the mixture in the sinks and wait 20 minutes. Then pour boiling water from a cup and let it sit overnight. Salt, soda and hot water create a chemical reaction that puts an ending to your problem. In the morning you normally use your disassembled sinks, after pouring enough water to rinse the remnants of the mixture.

The activity of commercial chemical blockers is well known. But the effects of these chemicals on the environment are equally well known. Frequent use of them in the long run can even puncture the pipes and you can run to face unpleasant results, such as a flood. With these natural ways that we suggest, not only will your piping come off, but the unpleasant odors of the toilet bowl, caused by the blockage, will also disappear.

Causes of clogs

First of all, there is no denying the fact that the role of pipes is crucial to creating a problem. In particular, damaged and damaged pipes, which have not been properly maintained, are found in old buildings, causing malfunctions of both minor and major importance, generally affecting the respective building. Next, we need to know that in addition to piping there are a variety of causes that are considered equally important.

In particular, there are many times when we find accumulation of fat or food in the kitchen sink as well as hair in the bathroom or bathtub sink, while it is very common to plug the toilet siphon. Also, other possible causes of blockage of sewers can be stones, remnants of building materials, salts that may have accumulated over time. At the same time, it has been observed that continuous failures in the sewerage system of an area pose risks for more serious problems.

In other words, large floods, which are a common occurrence, create staticity of buildings and contribute significantly to the deterioration of the materials of an apartment building. It should also be noted that the accumulation of rubbish and sewage in the streets and central wells are the main causes of these problems. In addition, many times builders and technicians have failed to connect to the central sewer system causing major problems, which can only be addressed in conjunction with experienced professionals.

If you can’t handle the clogged drains of your bathroom, don’t panic. You can call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου any time you need to and an experienced plumber of their team will be there to solve every problem that might occur with your plumbing. They can handle every plumbing problem quickly, effectively and at low cost. Trust them for the unclogging of your bathtub, your sink or your drains and make sure that your bathroom has proper hygiene!

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