Website Architecture: Something you should see right away

website architecture

Creating the right website can often be likened to building a home. If you want it to be stable over time, you need to lay the right foundations and have the right architecture. Otherwise it will fall. A website may not fall just like a house but surely if the elements that make it up are built without any plan then you may have a problem.

Here is a list of check points that you should see so that you do not have a problem with the architecture of your website. Above all, it’s a list that lets you fix key elements so that Google’s search engine will show you more love.

Problems with Site Canonicalization

So what does Site Canonicalization mean and when do I have a problem? Simply put the problem arises when on a website there are many pages with the same content which is accessible to search engines. For example, a common phenomenon is when your homepage is accessible with or without www.

eg: & (in this case we have made 301 redirects to the version with www).

Check for Duplicate Content

In this case duplicated content is considered a text or an excerpt of it, whether it is on your page or somewhere else on the internet. The most common problems with duplicated content are title tags, meta descriptions, content. According to Paramarketing, an SEO firm, a very common problem faced by many owners who write original content is copying texts from other websites. Extremely difficult to deal with but with online tools like copyscape you can deal with the phenomenon. Locate web pages that copy your content and ask them to remove it.

Flash and Java content

You will probably know that for Google bots it is easier to read html than flash and JavaScript. So if you want your website to look more “good” in the eyes of search engines then it will be better for you to focus on html platforms.

Check for Lengthy URL Parameters

Having short urls on your website is always good for users, which means it’s also good for Google. Remember that although search engines can index long urls, users will have a problem if they want to memorize your url. We would also like to suggest that you do not create Urls over 115 characters, ulrs me Underscores (your_ur) and uppercase (YOUR_URL).

See how you do Internal Linking

Simply see in your website or blog how you link one page to another. It is good to link to the corresponding page through the articles with relevant content. Knowing that this article talks about the onsite optimization part of the search engine optimization, I link to the corresponding page that concerns our services. If you own a blog then the link would be to a related article you wrote earlier.


Having a well-structured website (Website Architecture) should be at the top of your list of priorities. If you do not want to be influenced by one of the Google algorithms or have a problem with the Indexation of your website.

Our team before any action checks the status of your website and takes care to solve any problems you have. If you are unsure about the potential problems your website may face, you can contact us.

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