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7 bags a woman should buy by age 30


A woman’s bag – γυναικείες τσάντες – can take off an appearance, but also ruin it if we have not chosen the right one! The choice of a bag is as important as the choice of clothes and shoes. There are many women who declare that they are in love with bags and do not fail to renew their collection every season.

But below you will read and see that the bags you need to have are five. Yes, you read that right, five, not ten, and definitely not fifteen! If you are one of the minimal women the following list will help you choose the bags you should have, and if you are one of the women with too many bags, it is time to get rid of those that are not practical or stylish. The following 7 women’s bags you will see that will suit you for all occasions, are practical, monochrome and match many outfits.

1. Everyday bag

The first bag you should have is a big nude or brown, big enough, in the size you see below. It will be a convenient bag, everyday, highly practical and you can use it from morning to afternoon.

The most valuable bag of a woman is the one she holds every day. In short, it is her “go-to” bag. A tote bag is the most suitable style, since it has its size it can fit everything you will need during the day. And in this case you should buy a neutral or nude shade that goes with everything.

2. Travel bag

The second bag that we definitely suggest you to have in your closet is a spacious black one. It is a classic and chic women’s bag, which will accompany you on the mini trips you will make in the winter, or on the weekends if you want to go out.

Inside the bag you can put the necessary things you will need, and due to its color, you will have no problem combining it with your clothes. You need a bag for your winter trips!

3. Bag for your work

The third women’s bag that we should all have is a daily one for our work, or the days when we have to go out early and run to public services. In these cases you do not want to go around with a boring black bag, which will deduct points from your style.

When you need to show your business side, choose a bag with elegance and finesse, which will give prestige to any outfit you choose to make. It will also be convenient and practical to put in either your laptop or your documents.

4. Bag for walks

A shoulder bag, which you can wear is definitely something that should not be missing from your collection. It is ideal for all times when it is too early to get the envelope, but too late to move around with the big bag.

For your evening walks, therefore, choose a bag in pastel shades, or even red, which is a trend this year, and steal all the impressions.

5. Clutch

It is the party bag that no woman should miss. Do not be frightened by the glitter on its surface, it is ideal for evening appearances and will make any look glamorous. Its neutral shades allow for combinations with many outfits, and the zipper detail balances the intensity created by the glitter. It is very girly and playful, but at the same time very impressive and undoubtedly you will not go unnoticed!

Finally, although we are used to the bags and envelopes we carry with us being very small in size, a bag with the following shape allows you to take with you other important things besides your wallet and a lipstick.

6. Stylish cross-body

A bag style that combines elegance, modern mood and timelessness is the crossbody bag or otherwise crossed. It is the absolute must-have since it is a bag that helps to offer fashion forward looks. Prefer one with a crocus pattern that will give a luxurious mood to your appearances. If your style is more classic, then choose a bag with a more minimal design and design that will accompany your sets wonderfully. From the most casual to the most evening.

7. Backpack

Combining modern style with practicality, the backpack is one of the bags that are worn all hours. Prefer a neutral shade, such as black, that matches everything.

Choose bold shades

In the classic colors of gray, brown, tan and black, the boldest shades come to fit. A bag in an interesting and as-bold shade will offer this “pop of color” that our appearances need. The red, burgundy and fuchsia shades will take off even the simplest sets, such as a total black outfit.

All this gives us the opportunity to build a complete collection and have in our closet bags that we can wear for a lifetime.

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Mobile phones with the best camera for 2021


Have you always had a passion for photography, but was your mobile phone – θήκες κινητών –  below the requirements? Do you think that your device needs upgrading and you are looking for completely new features in photography? The following are the best camera phones currently on the market.

Mobile phone cameras are becoming more and more powerful, acquiring mechanical and electronic features that we used to see in digital cameras, utilizing machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence, and at the end of the day giving better photos and videos.

The best camera phones are in many cases capable of delivering better photos and videos than the average digital camera. They have more megapixels, electronic or optical stabilization, autofocus, multiple lenses (from wide angle to telephoto), are generally supported by better processors, and the applications that utilize the cameras are also much more. In many cases, in fact, their software is much superior.

The most typical example is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has a 108 MP sensor, captures 8K video and has a 100x digital zoom. And it’s not the only thing: Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and of course Apple are running together in the race for the best camera. The competition, of course, is rapidly leading to a new generation of products aimed at a new kind of user that utilizes YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok to create and share content.

Things will soon become much more interesting, as more and more manufacturers are launching 5G devices with data transfer speeds that reach Wi-Fi levels and change the landscape. Smartphones can now download and upload high-resolution videos and photos in record time, and from anywhere, without the need for Wi-Fi. Given the above, let’s see what are the top photo phones currently on the market divided into price categories.

1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The absolutely best photographic phone and in fact without any camera exceeding 12 MP. But how does he manage to keep megapixels so low and give such quality photos? The secret is the larger aperture on the main camera, which “sucks” more light and thus can work better in low light conditions. The iPhone 12 Pro also uses the Apple ProRAW format, which is similar to the file system used by professional photographers. Apple ProRAW retains much more information and much greater image processing capabilities after download. A new generation of creators are even using the Apple iPhone 12 Pro (and Pro Max) to produce content.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

This model breaks all records in megapixels. The main camera has one of the largest apertures (f / 1.8) and works extremely well in low light environments. At the same time the digital zoom is unreal with 100x magnification and the video has been shot at 8K. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G gives you the best and largest AMOLED display in the class. Games, series, on demand, YouTube have never been more enjoyable.

3. Huawei P40 Pro 5G

All Pro phones have great cameras, but the case of the Huawei P40 Pro stands out, on the one hand because of the price, which is almost two thirds of the previous two options, and on the other hand because Huawei always has the comparative advantage, in this case one more sensor. Here we have selfies with depth sensor for impressive effects but also the highest quality selfie videos, podcasts and live broadcasts. The edge to edge OLED screen with the 90 Hz refresh rate, the performance of the Kirin 990 5G and the flexibility offered by the 4200 mAh battery will surely win you over.

4. Apple iPhone 12

With the iPhone 12 you will do your “photographic” job extremely well and you will save about 150 euros compared to the iPhone 12 Pro. This is a very tempting offer, because all the rest of the hardware is the same and therefore you have the top Apple phone, with all the new technologies (eg A14 5 nm processor and Super Retina XDR OLED screen) and iOS 14.1. The design draws on the best of previous generations (iPhone 4 and iPhone 8), has two cores at 3.1 GHz, Apple GPU, 5G, Ceramic Shield display and supports fast 20 Watt charging. What else to ask for?

5. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G

The 108 MP sensor is not the exclusive prerogative of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, but that is not the only reason to consider the case of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G. In terms of photo hardware, it just doesn’t get any better: 108 MP f / 1.7 (wide) OIS, 12 MP f / 2.0 (telephoto), 8 MP f / 2.0 (telephoto) and 20 MP f / 2.2 (ultrawide). The main feature is the presence of two telephoto lenses with which you have a zoom that can reveal distant details plus a small focal depth for portraits. So with this quad camera you can cover all possible cases (very close, very far, with low lighting, wide angle shots for landscapes, etc.). Expensive, but dual telephoto has no other model.

6. Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

The Xiaomi flagship killer is also a powerful camera smartphone with a quad camera along with the depth sensor, amazing technical features and a price under 400 euros. With this money you also get one of the top processors on the market, the Snapdragon 865 (7 nm +), Super AMOLED HDR10 + 6.67 inch screen, 4700 mAh battery, 30 W fast charge support and many other remarkable technical features. By far the most value for money photographic mobile phone on the market.

Mobile phone cases

So these are the best phones for photos on the market. Choose the one that best suits your needs and get the most impressive photos ever! Also, you should buy a mobile phone case from

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10 color combinations for the office that take your productivity to the next level!


10 color combinations for the office that take your productivity to the next level!

Are you one of us who spends the day and night in the office? If so, you definitely need an environment that pleases you and motivates you to perform to the fullest. Research has shown that the color choice for home office painting has a great effect on the mental function of the brain, as some color combinations have a positive effect, while others have a negative effect on our mood.

White is an easy-to-combine color. If you match it with the appropriate colors, they will create results that will surprise you! Are you tired of the monochrome boring office choices and do you think it needs to be renewed? We are by your side to suggest you ideas to choose the color combination of your own professional success!

Top 10 color combinations for office painting!

1. Vegetable & White

Green is a color that will stimulate you and give you energy for your work. White, on the other hand, is one of the colors that offer safety, balance and clarity, elements that are essential for your work environment.

Continue reading for the best office paint color combinations in New Jersey!

2. Brown & White

White with brown is one of the classic office color combinations that will offer you confidence and comfort in your professional space, so it is an attractive choice to choose from.

3. Peach & White

Peach is one of the colors that has been proven to make us more optimistic and help improve mood. So, in combination with white, they can make you see your office with a different eye!

4. Gray & White

If you still like neutral and calm colors without strong contrasts, then the combination of gray and white will be ideal for you. Gray is a color that expresses calm and the need for isolation. So if you combine it with white, you will have the perfect color combination!

5. White & Black

An all time classic color combination that leaves no one unmoved is white with black. If you have a spacious office space and you are not afraid of dark colors then this combination will excite you!

6. Blue & White

Blue is a color that symbolizes clear thinking and rational behavior. In combination with white, which expresses safety, they will relax you and help you reduce the stress of work.

7. Peanut & White

Peanut is a modern color that goes perfectly with white. Like many other shades of green, it helps us concentrate more easily. It will create the feeling of calm and the modern mood that your office needs!

8. Orange & White

Orange is an eccentric color choice. It belongs to the warm colors and promises to give you motivation, creativity and the necessary enthusiasm you need to increase your productivity to the maximum.

9. Red & White

Red is a strong color choice that enhances encouragement and creativity. If you want to get away from the ordinary, paint a part of the white wall with red and you will be surprised with the result.

10. Petrol & White

Petrol is one of the top trends in color choice and has been identified with energy and creativity. The combination with white can give you the air of rejuvenation that your professional space needs!

Here are some options to get inspired to find the right color combinations for your home office that will boost your productivity. If you want modern ideas and economical offers for house painting, register your work completely free of charge.

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3 natural ways to unclog bathroom drains


A clogged sink or bathtub needs your attention immediately and Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου are experienced at dealing with clogged pipes. We all know the chaos and inconvenience that such a plumbing problem can cause. However, many do not give the necessary importance, until the sewer is completely clogged. And then the issue has progressed too much and the call to the plumber will become necessary.

And yet, if you deal with it as soon as possible, the drain can be unclogged with a simple homemade recipe. So do not ignore the warning signs, such as blockage and unpleasant odor and we suggest you to take action in three natural ways.

1. With baking soda and vinegar

You put half a cup of baking soda in the hole of the drain, both in the sinks and in the bathtub. Heat in the microwave from a cup of vinegar for each drain. Gradually pour the hot vinegar over the soda carefully enough, because the combination of the two ingredients will cause foaming and fumes. You leave for half an hour and immediately after you open the tap to run plenty of water. Especially for the bathtub, it will be better after you put the vinegar to close the exit with the cap and after half an hour to fill the bathtub with water. Then pull the plug and all the water pressure will work obstructively.

2. With boiling water

Fill the kettle with water and wait for it to reach the boiling point. Gradually empty the hot water into the pipes. You leave the water to act for a few seconds until the next emptying. This is the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to disassemble sinks and bathtubs. It works perfectly in less clogged drains and you can apply it every now and then even precautionary.

3. With salt and baking soda

If you know that the problem in the sinks is due to grease, follow this method. Make a mixture with half a cup of table salt and half a cup of baking soda. Distribute the mixture in the sinks and wait 20 minutes. Then pour boiling water from a cup and let it sit overnight. Salt, soda and hot water create a chemical reaction that puts an ending to your problem. In the morning you normally use your disassembled sinks, after pouring enough water to rinse the remnants of the mixture.

The activity of commercial chemical blockers is well known. But the effects of these chemicals on the environment are equally well known. Frequent use of them in the long run can even puncture the pipes and you can run to face unpleasant results, such as a flood. With these natural ways that we suggest, not only will your piping come off, but the unpleasant odors of the toilet bowl, caused by the blockage, will also disappear.

Causes of clogs

First of all, there is no denying the fact that the role of pipes is crucial to creating a problem. In particular, damaged and damaged pipes, which have not been properly maintained, are found in old buildings, causing malfunctions of both minor and major importance, generally affecting the respective building. Next, we need to know that in addition to piping there are a variety of causes that are considered equally important.

In particular, there are many times when we find accumulation of fat or food in the kitchen sink as well as hair in the bathroom or bathtub sink, while it is very common to plug the toilet siphon. Also, other possible causes of blockage of sewers can be stones, remnants of building materials, salts that may have accumulated over time. At the same time, it has been observed that continuous failures in the sewerage system of an area pose risks for more serious problems.

In other words, large floods, which are a common occurrence, create staticity of buildings and contribute significantly to the deterioration of the materials of an apartment building. It should also be noted that the accumulation of rubbish and sewage in the streets and central wells are the main causes of these problems. In addition, many times builders and technicians have failed to connect to the central sewer system causing major problems, which can only be addressed in conjunction with experienced professionals.

If you can’t handle the clogged drains of your bathroom, don’t panic. You can call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου any time you need to and an experienced plumber of their team will be there to solve every problem that might occur with your plumbing. They can handle every plumbing problem quickly, effectively and at low cost. Trust them for the unclogging of your bathtub, your sink or your drains and make sure that your bathroom has proper hygiene!

How is your plumbing?


How is your plumbing?

What are the key points we all need to know about our home plumbing –ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ? How are they connected? What does a hydraulic system actually provide us? Where do they transport water from? Even more than that, what size are the pipes? What is the supply pressure? How much water comes and goes? What about hot water?

Below is a basic guide to learn the most important functions that house plumbing hides. And let’s start with the basics:

What do we mean by “hydraulics and plumbing”?

A basic definition of plumbing is “a system of pipes in a building, for the supply, transport and removal of water”.

While this gives us a basic definition to start with, it is of course much more complicated than that. So from the above basic definition, some obvious questions arise. Like what are these pipes?

All of these questions are logical and the answers have different answers depending on the passage of time and from place to place. Below we will try to answer some of these questions that will answer many questions about plumbing. The experience comes from many years of work in construction, trial and error. Let’s start by answering some basic questions.

The source of drinking water

By “drinking water” we mean water that is suitable for consumption. This may not always be the case, depending on the standards used, but drinking water systems are designed to be at least drinkable. Most people would only say “running water”. This includes all the faucets in a modern home, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the outdoor faucets.

The water must be under pressure to get out of the tap in an acceptable way. This pressure varies significantly depending on the system of the central water supply network of the area where the property is located. When there is extremely high pressure in the mains water supply, it may be necessary to use a pressure reducer to prevent damage to the pipes, water heater and water supply.

The material of the water pipes in the internal network of the house is usually copper, while in recent years polyethylene flexible laminated pipes have been used. In terms of pipe sizes, these vary considerably, but in the case of the home distribution system, specific pipe sizes are usually used, usually with a diameter of Φ15 (15 mm).

The hot water

An important part of home plumbing is the supply of hot water to all homes. This “luxury” seems a given for almost all Greek homes. In Greece, all properties can easily, economically and quickly have hot water, as there are many methods of water heating.

Hot water is supplied to most homes with the installation of a water heater (classic or instantaneous water heater) which heats the water with electricity, a solar water heater that heats the water with solar energy or even with the boiler of the radiator burner (consumption with oil heater or natural gas). In Greece, the use of solar water heaters is widespread, as our country due to the high percentage of sunshine most days of the year allows us to have plenty of hot water continuously in households.

The Sewerage

Sewerage in a house is a complex system of plumbing hidden under the floors. It operates separately but also in parallel with the system of water pipes. In the sewer, the dirty water is channeled from the bathroom and the kitchen and through the sewerage pipes it is transferred to the central public sewerage network.

However, the sewer also carries the excess water that has not been used. Once water has run out of the tap, it cannot be allowed to re-enter the drinking water supply system. This removes all the water that has been consumed or the sewage from the bathroom.

The sizes of the drainage pipes are much larger than those installed in the water supply system. This is because the drain is not under pressure as it is with the water system, but only collects the water that has been used. So the water we have consumed in our bathroom or kitchen by gravity falls into the sewer and can not escape from there.

The sewer pipe is in fact for water a one-way street to the central sewerage network, where all domestic sewage and rainwater is collected, which after proper treatment (biological treatment) is thrown into the sea without causing pollution to the natural environment. .

Modern sewer pipes are made of PVC plastic, with resistance to pressures of 6 atm and resistant to corrosion by chemicals. the diameter of the pipes is Φ100 for the basin and Φ40, Φ50, Φ63 for the other outlets.

The Heating system

All homes in Greece need heat sources in winter. And this is a very important supply that is also included in the plumbing of the house. Depending on the area, heating systems vary (radiators, fireplace, stove, fan heater, etc.). But the most popular sources of fuel are still today the heating oil with which the radiator burner operates, the natural gas (in which areas the supply network has reached and there is a connection of the property) with which the radiator also works, as well as electricity.

Trust the best plumbers in Athens of 24gr and let them fix your plumbing system.

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Website Architecture: Something you should see right away

website architecture

Creating the right website can often be likened to building a home. If you want it to be stable over time, you need to lay the right foundations and have the right architecture. Otherwise it will fall. A website may not fall just like a house but surely if the elements that make it up are built without any plan then you may have a problem.

Here is a list of check points that you should see so that you do not have a problem with the architecture of your website. Above all, it’s a list that lets you fix key elements so that Google’s search engine will show you more love.

Problems with Site Canonicalization

So what does Site Canonicalization mean and when do I have a problem? Simply put the problem arises when on a website there are many pages with the same content which is accessible to search engines. For example, a common phenomenon is when your homepage is accessible with or without www.

eg: & (in this case we have made 301 redirects to the version with www).

Check for Duplicate Content

In this case duplicated content is considered a text or an excerpt of it, whether it is on your page or somewhere else on the internet. The most common problems with duplicated content are title tags, meta descriptions, content. According to Paramarketing, an SEO firm, a very common problem faced by many owners who write original content is copying texts from other websites. Extremely difficult to deal with but with online tools like copyscape you can deal with the phenomenon. Locate web pages that copy your content and ask them to remove it.

Flash and Java content

You will probably know that for Google bots it is easier to read html than flash and JavaScript. So if you want your website to look more “good” in the eyes of search engines then it will be better for you to focus on html platforms.

Check for Lengthy URL Parameters

Having short urls on your website is always good for users, which means it’s also good for Google. Remember that although search engines can index long urls, users will have a problem if they want to memorize your url. We would also like to suggest that you do not create Urls over 115 characters, ulrs me Underscores (your_ur) and uppercase (YOUR_URL).

See how you do Internal Linking

Simply see in your website or blog how you link one page to another. It is good to link to the corresponding page through the articles with relevant content. Knowing that this article talks about the onsite optimization part of the search engine optimization, I link to the corresponding page that concerns our services. If you own a blog then the link would be to a related article you wrote earlier.


Having a well-structured website (Website Architecture) should be at the top of your list of priorities. If you do not want to be influenced by one of the Google algorithms or have a problem with the Indexation of your website.

Our team before any action checks the status of your website and takes care to solve any problems you have. If you are unsure about the potential problems your website may face, you can contact us.

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