7 bags a woman should buy by age 30


A woman’s bag – γυναικείες τσάντες – can take off an appearance, but also ruin it if we have not chosen the right one! The choice of a bag is as important as the choice of clothes and shoes. There are many women who declare that they are in love with bags and do not fail to renew their collection every season.

But below you will read and see that the bags you need to have are five. Yes, you read that right, five, not ten, and definitely not fifteen! If you are one of the minimal women the following list will help you choose the bags you should have, and if you are one of the women with too many bags, it is time to get rid of those that are not practical or stylish. The following 7 women’s bags you will see that will suit you for all occasions, are practical, monochrome and match many outfits.

1. Everyday bag

The first bag you should have is a big nude or brown, big enough, in the size you see below. It will be a convenient bag, everyday, highly practical and you can use it from morning to afternoon.

The most valuable bag of a woman is the one she holds every day. In short, it is her “go-to” bag. A tote bag is the most suitable style, since it has its size it can fit everything you will need during the day. And in this case you should buy a neutral or nude shade that goes with everything.

2. Travel bag

The second bag that we definitely suggest you to have in your closet is a spacious black one. It is a classic and chic women’s bag, which will accompany you on the mini trips you will make in the winter, or on the weekends if you want to go out.

Inside the bag you can put the necessary things you will need, and due to its color, you will have no problem combining it with your clothes. You need a bag for your winter trips!

3. Bag for your work

The third women’s bag that we should all have is a daily one for our work, or the days when we have to go out early and run to public services. In these cases you do not want to go around with a boring black bag, which will deduct points from your style.

When you need to show your business side, choose a bag with elegance and finesse, which will give prestige to any outfit you choose to make. It will also be convenient and practical to put in either your laptop or your documents.

4. Bag for walks

A shoulder bag, which you can wear is definitely something that should not be missing from your collection. It is ideal for all times when it is too early to get the envelope, but too late to move around with the big bag.

For your evening walks, therefore, choose a bag in pastel shades, or even red, which is a trend this year, and steal all the impressions.

5. Clutch

It is the party bag that no woman should miss. Do not be frightened by the glitter on its surface, it is ideal for evening appearances and will make any look glamorous. Its neutral shades allow for combinations with many outfits, and the zipper detail balances the intensity created by the glitter. It is very girly and playful, but at the same time very impressive and undoubtedly you will not go unnoticed!

Finally, although we are used to the bags and envelopes we carry with us being very small in size, a bag with the following shape allows you to take with you other important things besides your wallet and a lipstick.

6. Stylish cross-body

A bag style that combines elegance, modern mood and timelessness is the crossbody bag or otherwise crossed. It is the absolute must-have since it is a bag that helps to offer fashion forward looks. Prefer one with a crocus pattern that will give a luxurious mood to your appearances. If your style is more classic, then choose a bag with a more minimal design and design that will accompany your sets wonderfully. From the most casual to the most evening.

7. Backpack

Combining modern style with practicality, the backpack is one of the bags that are worn all hours. Prefer a neutral shade, such as black, that matches everything.

Choose bold shades

In the classic colors of gray, brown, tan and black, the boldest shades come to fit. A bag in an interesting and as-bold shade will offer this “pop of color” that our appearances need. The red, burgundy and fuchsia shades will take off even the simplest sets, such as a total black outfit.

All this gives us the opportunity to build a complete collection and have in our closet bags that we can wear for a lifetime.

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