5 makeup trends for ss 2020


5 makeup trends for ss 2020

Spring is totally here, and summer is around the corner. We know you are looking forward for your spring getaway and your summer vacation, and that you want to be in this years trends. This is why we prepared a list of the hottest makeup trends for this years spring and summer. You will find the latest trends in our website. Let’s get into the beauty tips, shall we?

Floating eyeliner

Forget all about the classic cat-eyes and simple eyeliner lines. This spring and summer, you will have to be creative as far as your eyes are concerned. To create a floating liner, you will need to extend the regular line and follow your crease line. You can go with as simple or as complicated lines as you like. In addition, you could try different eyeliner colours, like white, blue and yellow. Have fun with it!

Neon makeup

Neon is back for good this year. Get ready to put neon colours not only to your eyes, but your lips as well. Funky yellow, red and green neon eyeshadows are the best thing for your summer vacation. Make sure to add mascara and a nude or intense lip colour and you have a stunning neon look for your night out.

Glitter everywhere

You can never go wrong with glitter. This spring and summer, you will be able to create glittery looks, by using it as an eyeshadow or a highlighter! If you are daring, you could use it on your cheeks too. This can also make a great festival look, as glitter is never enough in concerts and summer festivals!

Blush bash

You know that blush has been used for years on our cheeks and maybe our noses too. In the spring and summer of 2020, blush is going to be used on eyes too. And not just as eyeshadow. The blush will be extended to our cheekbones and then it will end up on our eyes. This will create an exotic, magical, but yet simple look. It can be worn either everyday, or to an event or a night out.

Blue vibes

During the spring and summer of 2020, we are going to see a lot of blue eyeshadow. In any shade and depth, blue eyeshadow is here to stay. It compliments most eyes and it can be either light and simple or more opaque and extravagant. It depends on your preference!

These are the top 5 makeup trends for the spring and summer of 2020. Don’t be afraid to try them, as they can be personalized according to your preferences.

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